D.I.S.C. The Art Discover, Innovate, Share and Create.

D.I.S.C. the Art Residency

An Artist Residency in Odisha state of India

The main idea of D.I.S.C. the Art residency is to connect artists from all over the world for cultural dialogues and artistic collaborations.

As organizers we have chosen the unique places of India, rural areas of Odisha state, rich with art and culture. Participating artists have an opportunity to make acquaintance with classical and folk Indian arts, the arts and crafts of indigenous people, to learn the ancient Indian techniques from masters.

Discover. Resident artists may enjoy pure nature, know the living style of the local people. And realise the beautiful concept, that art is an integral part of everyday life in rural Odisha.

Innovate. The resident artists will have the opportunity to plant the seeds of creative ideas and develop them through individual practice and collaborations with the craft artisans from rural areas. Each residency program is uniquely tailored, based around a structure of three traditional Indian Art forms. One craft from Indigenous people, one ancient craft of India and one craft which is assimilated with a contemporary craft culture.

Artists can find a different perspective of seeing the traditional arts and crafts and innovate the resulting ideas - creating something new, from a rich and ancient source.

Share. Artists can find how the value and benefit of sharing and connection. They may share the artistic ideas and practices, via collaborating; share their passions, not only that share their lives; everyday life, collecting the experiences together. Working in connection and collaboration brings new creative ideas into everyone's art work and practice.

Create. The lifestyle and surroundings D.I.S.C. the Art residency is offering awakens the creativity in the resident artists. That is why we created this residency - to worship all the forms and expressions of creativity.

As artists ourselves we are engaged, interested, and involved in discovering and promoting the Art, cultural heritage and unique culture of Odisha state. The residency and projects are constantly evolving, intuitively as we find new and exciting creations.

This residency is important for the contemporary Art scene of Odisha state of India. We believe that the cultural collaboration between East and West, Old and New may bring a new quality of expressing ideas through the Art forms and it is creating new steps and platforms in the contemporary art scene.

The aspect of sharing by traveling, living, creating, communicating, promoting the ideas of humanism is the basic path of the residency. Also it is an opportunity to discover both a new and old form of life and inner self. It is a unique opportunity to try live a different type of living. closer to nature and self. primitive living, green living, eco living.

Come and Create.


D.I.S.C the Art

And also may we let You know few more things:

This residency takes places in rural areas of the state it is created for an artistic person to unplug form outer world and plug in their creative imagination and giving a space to it. Being here just puts everything back into perspective.

Being here you will slow down and will have more time to think about your work and what work you want to do. It will help you to unlock your ideas and your interests. You can be truly original being here.

Inspiration. You will know the place. And will be inspired. India is an inspiring country. Odisha state is especially so. You will have a chance to see it from inside - to travel, to live like local people live, to enjoy lifestyle. with festivals, good food, amazing music and warm hearted people. To be so close to the ages reminded with ancient festivals and rituals which are still alive now a days.

It is a land of ideas. Where they just floating in the air. The air is thick as honey filled of ideas. Just need to raise your hand and grab one.

You are going to meet a lot of new people. You'll make friendships. And new friendships can lead to a future collaborations. It may happen fifteen years later but it will.