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And in winter/spring 2016 it all went like that ... !

We started our program when sometimes it was cold there. Sounds unbelievable?

Yes So many things happened during this program that are difficult to believe.

That is called Incredible India. That can be called the Magic Odisha.

It was like string of beads. So different but so similar at the same time. Where one can not survive without another. Where one supports and compliments the other. Where love and connection are. Where is humanity. We touched those beads with our fingers first, then with the minds, then with our hearts?

Beads of travels.
























One hundred eight beads. One hundred eight positive words. 108 ideas.

That’s how it was in Autumn 2015!

And then the Autumn came. And brought for us to know new artists.

We had a great time together observing and discovering what Odisha state was showing us. Beautifully peaceful landscapes.

Sometimes a strange mix of nature and human creation – but nice and peaceful again.

Such a gift to sit and watch the water in silence and peace. And enjoy just being.

And the back to the sound and noise.

Local markets.

Festival celebrations.


And then again the peace of light. Diwali festival.


And always people, smiling, calm, honest, just amazing …


Art and the final exhibition “Translations” was held at Lalit Kala Art Gallery Bhubaneswar.


Artist’s inpressions

The experience of this residency has profoundly touched my heart and beyond in so many ways.
It has been a real privilege to learn from the beautiful land of Odisha. From the masters of the crafts and from all the people and traditions I have encountered. I have now more than enough inspiration to fuel my work for at least another lifetime. It has been possible for me to develop and strengthen my practice here, and to have the freedom to purely be creating work. I think this experience would benefit any artist at various stages of their practice.

I have been taught by such incredible people, not just in the Arts but in life, how it is to be human and a return to what is important. Everything comes from the twilight coloured earth here and to get that direct connection is invaluable. I have been experienced and seen so much in three months, some things that are so rare and untouched that would be very difficult to experience without this residency, a direct path to the heart. It has been a spiral to the center and back out again, twisting, weaving, carving, molding, earth, stone and metal, light, colour and shadow; painting the journey.

The process of the work has such a story to tell it is more than worthwhile coming here to listen. The story is woven with the beauty and the strife, there is strength and delicacy just like a texture of the crafts.

It is important work being done here, not just on a personal level, or for dangers that modern world imposes on these traditions, environment and lives of the people, but also for something beyond.

With thanks to Odisha for all You have shown me ony Doel, Visual Artist, UK

This time at D.I.S.C. the Art has been life changing. I have learned so much about myself as well as grew as an artist. I have learned again that I am a difficult student. At first I was not excited to learn stone carving, something I saw as very difficult and beautiful. I only thought there is no way I could accomplish even a fraction of its beauty. With some concentration and motivation and other people believing I could do it, I was able to start and see small progress. Then I feel so lucky to have this intense and full time experience. Carving stone 10-5 everyday for a week you really are able to make progress, the work becomes a spiral into our understanding of the world. Time slows down, it is meditative, it teaches us how to move our hands in sync with our minds and the stone.

To support the artists and craftspeople of Odisha is one of the best actions we can take as artists. Art is our life blood. It’s the world’s soul.

So where better to support art and artisans than in the oldest civilization, the land where all rivers lead to God. God is in all things, even the tool we use to learn the craft. I believe art is like breathing, we do it naturally. It is necessary.

Watching the Dokra artisans work as they blessed the space, the fire, blessed everything before firing the maham (wax) into bronze, we see first hand how god is in all things. And Patience is necessary to absorb all new experiences, all blessings. Our attitude has to be open to see the beauty. And sometimes this was difficult as the work was demanding and tiring at times. A little like standing in a fire! We come out no longer made of wax, soft, but tougher made of bronze.

Catherine Janke, Graphic Artist, Printmaker, USA

This residency was very powerful and adventurous program concerning to Adivasi areas, where we have been researching and doing work, and everything connected to it, even “boring” transportation from place to place which sometimes took so long but always turned into something good or funny. Without D.I.S.C. I would never be able to be there like this, for so long, so close to these special people, recognize and even learn their amazing traditional arts and crafts which is regrettably disappearing and need to be preserved and continued. I do believe on this field we can help. I am quite positive as an artist but not as much as a human because unfortunately in everything and all is politics and this ruins what should stay as it is because that way its right and good. As an artists we can talk “secretly” yet openly. We can also help promote Adivasi´s amazing arts and crafts and their skills. With very good, friendly and helpful euro-indian organizational team of the D.I.S.C. Residency we can try to help them safe their art as it is.

Me personally I take this opportunity as a special gift I have been given in this life. For me it was very, very strong experience. Everything was so different yet so familiar so close to my nature. Almost every action there was so interesting and amazing starting from art over to agriculture and to ceremonies we most probably never experience again. Powerful element in those Adivasi areas is nature and connection with it. This connection is expressed in arts and its faded into one with everyday life. Importance of Mother Earth is thus present in everything and of course they worship Prakriti – Mother Nature.

Speaking for myself; in those areas full of colours, various odours, amazing characters, beauty of nature, diverse animals, earth colourful houses, art materials available in nature or even just simple everyday life; that I would call art of living, I have encountered long lasting inspiration for further art works and even my own life. One observation; its good to become part of everything without judgement, simply live the life as people there do, nothing special very very simple because it is also very much about this experience.

Petra Matuskova, Sculptor, Czech Republic

“This residency was really amazing experience for me. The best thing about it was educational travelling part at the beginning of project, when we had opportunity to watch tribal crafts live and interact with indigenous people. It was my first visit in India, so i faced so many unusual occurrences and in the end it actually helped me to reconsider and better understand myself. It really felt like visiting the cultural outfall.”

Augustinas Kluoda, Sculptor, Lithuania.

That’s how it was in 2015!

That how it was in summer 2015.

Just right after the monsoon was finished we started. We still caught some rain a few times.

It was humid … so humid … but that water of the world brought us all shades of green. So beautiful from light yellowish of rice going through the bright green of the fresh leaves to the strong dark of the trees.

We saw so much of the beauty of Mother nature this time. Her strength a

Enjoyed the Art workshops.

Met so many warm hearted people.

Enjoyed the painting camp – drawing, painting, playing music, having a wonderful creative time together.

Saw traditional festivals.

And finalized our program with the exhibition at Bhubaneswar Suvadra Art gallery.


That’s how it was in 2014!

In the beginning of February 2014 international artists ready for 90 days journey of art reached Odisha and we started the first D.I.S.C the Art residency.

Artists and D.I.S.C. the Art team enjoyed 5525 kilometers of non edited, pure and natural, bright, intense, full of the countless amount beautiful portraits of people, even that was not only portraits, that was emotions, experiences, friendships; full thousands of colors but sometimes becoming black and white, full of sharpest contrasts but sometimes soft, misty and blur, loud hilarious loud and noisy but time by time silent road-film while visiting the tribal areas of Odisha.

We have traveled Machhagarh, Bhimkund, Kessana, Khichin (Mayurbhanj), Ghatagaon, Fakirpur, Chakratirtha (Keonjhar), Gunupur, Domsara, Puttasing, Ramnnagudda, Rugudibai (Rayagada), Jaypoer, Gaddapadar, Ramagadda, Baiganapadar, Kusumbhatta, Kundura (Koraput).

We’ve got a chance to touch the culture of Kolhha, Santhal, Saura, Lanjia Saura, Mali, Paraja and Kandha tribes.

We were pleased to observe the Bali Jatra festival at the Gadapadar village and honor the breathtaking tribal music and dance, enjoy the Santhal wedding and live tribal life where every aspect is charming and colorful.

Artists got a chance to work with the adivasi masters and craft holders, to learn the techniques and share the ideas and experiences.

After the six weeks of tribal journey Artists were settled at the base camp at Kotsahi, near Tangi, Cuttack area, to continue their creation proccess and prepare for the final touch of D.I.S.C. the Art residency 2014, exhibition. The show named “6.85 PM” was held at Subhadra Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar on the 18 – 28th of April 2014.